About us

About Johns Creek Capital, LLC

Johns Creek Capital, LLC is a privately held investment firm concentrating on the acquisition, development, and management of value-add mobile home park communities nationwide to maximize investor returns and mitigate risks through geographic diversity.

Proprietary Process: The firm utilizes a proprietary evaluation process to weigh each of our acquisition criteria for a targeted asset. This process yields an overall “PASS” or “FAIL” score and helps to identify assets with the greatest potential for meeting expected returns. Benefits to our approach include Objective Analysis and measurable Key Performance Indicators.

What’s Ahead: In late 2022, Johns Creek Capital intends to establish various real estate funds to acquire existing and future deals which will further diversify an investor’s portfolio, mitigate investment risks, and facilitate the acquisition of larger parks to increase investors' equity value.



Managing Partner

Charlotte is a graduate of The Georgia Institute of Technology where she earned her B.S. in Business with a focus on business analytics and technology. Charlotte, along with her business Partners, currently sponsors the repositioning of 24 value-add and turnaround mobile home parks.


Managing Partner, Johns Creek

Following an engineering degree from SUNY Buffalo, Rick became the Director of Operations for a large international engineering firm with several managerial responsibilities. Subsequently, He established a consultancy securing several civilian, military, and government contracts. Rick’s exceptional analytical training and experience advanced him into real estate as an asset manager for several companies. With over 20 years in the acquisition, development, and management of various real estate asset classes, his current focus is on mobile home parks. He has structured, organized, and sold several entities with interests in joint ventures, partnerships, and real estate funds. He is also familiar with SEC regulations, contract law, and asset protection and likes to say that his job is “Fixing Broken Assets.”​